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Hemp is nature’s gift to humans thus we have brought to you Hemp Products Online that are made with care from finest quality industrial hemp sourced from the Himalayas. Products made from quality Hemp do not only rejuvenate our body but also helps our brain to overcome several issues. These products can be used in wide variety of ways for brain and body including beauty and wellness.

Beauty & Wellness

Handmade Hemp Soap Bar

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Health & Nutrition

Ayurvedic Hemp Protein Powder

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Health & Nutrition

Hemp Trial Pack Combo Offer

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Health & Nutrition

Ayurvedic Hemp Seeds

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Hemp products in India are gaining immense popularity these days as people are now started avoiding chemical based products for health and wellness. Organic and herbal products not only deliver natural benefits but also contribute to our environment. These days Hemp Products for Sale are available in a very wide range starting from raw oil to spa and beauty products. Consider browsing following categories to find the right product for you.


Hemp Products India

Hemp plant has long history as mentioned in ancient texts and future looking people have started looking at hemp for sustainable development. This plant not only nourishes soil but also offer lots of benefits to humans. The oil that we get from the seeds of Cannabis Sativa plant commonly known as industrial hemp is one of the most balanced oils available today. This oil is very rich in nutrients and has many bioactive compounds along with fatty acids such as Omega 9, Omega 6 and Omega 3.

Due to its nutritious profile Hemp Oil is highly beneficial for Skin, brain and heart. Many people around the world also use it as a natural pain reliever especially for muscle tension. Hemp products are also considered great pain reliever for those who are looking for a natural remedy. There are endless ways of consuming hemp products such as seed can be consumed directly along with food items and oil can be applied on skin and hair.

These days many hemp based products have evolved such as raw oil, creams, pain relief tinctures and skin care products. People also consume Hemp Seeds directly as they contains almost 30% fat and are a great source plant based Hemp Protein. We at ReVedic Naturals strongly believe in Nature thus we have selectively chosen the best hemp products available in India and brought them for you online so that we could spread the goodness of hemp to as many people as we can.


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