How To Make Chocolate Hemp Seed Butter At Home

Make Chocolate Hemp Seed Butter

In this modern era, most people are looking forward to having the healthy diet that can help us to be fit and active. In order to provide all these things, the chocolate combo is one of the best options for consumers. Rich cocoa powder is mixed with Hemp Seeds to make this thing. It is gluten as well as vegan. It can be consumed at any time and feel a good taste of something. Have you ever tasted such a lip-smacking thing? If not, once you taste it, I assure you can’t stop yourself from having more. I am not joking it is true, and you can get feedback on Chocolate Hemp Seed Butter from many people.

As we know that most of the friends like to have chocolates. On the occasion of valentine, you need to have a good number of chocolates around. A unique thing about its recipe is this it can be prepared with many other ingredients as well like peanut butter, or something like more amazing such as cayenne, chocolate and many more. Now, the recipe to make Chocolate Hemp Seed Butter is going to be revealed below. It is very strange to call it like a recipe. It needs only three ingredients to prepare like hemp seeds, unsweetened cocoa powder and chocolate stevia.

Chocolate Hemp Seed Butter

Required Ingredients

  • Cups of hemp hearts.
  • Drops of chocolate stevia.
  • 3 tablespoons of cocoa powder.


Place all these three ingredients into a food processor, and mix it until gets blended perfectly. After that, you can add a tablespoon of water to the mixture and blended it well, keep it in a jar, and place it in the fridge. You can get it unless it gets frozen it does not take a long time. Now, Chocolate Hemp Seed Butter is ready to serve, enjoy having it.


  • It helps us to maintain our health.
  • It prevents us from being heart patient.
  • It prevents us from gaining weight.
  • It controls our weight and helps us reduce weight.
  • It reduces PMS symptoms.

Chocolate Hemp Seed Butter is one of the best things to have to get energy and other sorts of minerals. It provides a good amount of protein. More and more people are looking forward to consuming it.