If you are new to Hemp or just looking for information, you may have several questions in your mind. Here we have a collection of most frequently asked questions about hemp to answer your curiosity. If anything is left or you are not satisfied with the answer, consider writing us an email, we will respond at earliest possible.

Are Hemp products legal in India?

Yes, Hemp Seeds (Hemp Hearts), Hemp Seed Oil and Hemp Protein Powder are legal.

What are the benefits of Hemp products?

Hemp is a powerhouse of nutrition, it has multiple benefits for the body, skin and hair.

  • They helps improving immunity of our body.
  • They helps controlling the cholesterol level and boosts fat loss.
  • They helps improving the health of our heart and eyes.
  • Hemp Oil is a perfect tonic for our brain, helps improving memory.
  • It is a perfect moisturizer for dry skin related problems.
  • it makes our skin hydrated and reduces itching and redness.
  • Hemp oil not only improves hair growth but also strengthen them.

Where I can buy Hemp products in India?

You can buy pure organic Hemp Products from ReVedic Naturals. All of our products have been made with almost care and passion from 100% natural ingredients.

Do Hemp products contains any THC?

As per the norms set by the governments around the words, Hemp products can only contains <0.3% THC by dry weight. This is negligible amount of THC and would not make any psychoactive effect.

Do Hemp products contains CBD (Cannabidiol)?

The flowers of Hemp plant contacts CBD thus products made from its seeds might also contain very small amount of CBD.

Are Hemp products safe for children and pregnant women?

We suggest to consult a physician or doctor before consuming Hemp products if you are pregnant or nursing or undergoing any medical condition.

How much should I consume every day?

We suggest to consult a physician or doctor to get recommended dose of Hemp products.

Where is the origin of Hemp plant?

It is believed that Hemp plant was originated in the Himalayan region from where its goodness speeded in the rest of the world. In the ancient era it was primarily being used to obtain fiber to make ropes and clothes.

How Hemp plants contribute towards our environment?

Hemp plant is not only a powerhouse of nutrition but it is also a multipurpose plant for humans. Hemp Seeds and oil are rich in many essential nutrition thus they being consumed as food. The fiber we get from the Hemp plant is very strong and durable to make ropes and clothes. Its stem contains lots of cellulose thus it is a perfect choice to make biodegradable plastic that can change the world. Hemp plant also controls the pollution and erosion in the soil and restores its fertilization.