Hemp Protein VS Soy Protein Head To Head Comparison

Hemp Protein VS Soy Protein

Of late, protein is one of the most essential parts of our meal plan to make our muscles strong that helps us fit and active. The perception of people towards health measurement has changed over time. Nowadays, everyone wants to stay fit while having good physique. Moreover, many people want to control their diet as well. So many persons who used play the least important role few years back are at forefront like nutritionist and dietician who design your diet plan. Athletes and gym-goers want to consume protein for building muscle mass; they will have to depend on plants or other things. In this post hemp protein v/s soy protein is going to be covered that will give you complete knowledge of these two things.

What Is Hemp Protein?

Hemp protein is a plant-based protein extracted using the cold-pressed method. During this process, hemp oil is extracted out of hemp seeds, while hemp oil cake is processed further to make hemp protein powder which is 100% natural or organic. Therefore, hemp protein is recognized as a by-product of cold-pressed oil. It has earned its reputation as a powerhouse because of its contents like minerals, protein, and many more. It is the best option for those consumers who are looking forward to vegan and gluten-free protein.

Hemp Protein VS Soy Protein

What Is Soy Protein?

In order to make soy protein, it is washed either with alcohol or water to remove sugars or dietary fiber. After that, it is dehydrated and turned into a soy protein powder. Despite cleaning with alcohol or dehydrating, a little amount of fat can be found in it but no cholesterol. It is the best option for those consumers who are allergic to dairy products.

Reason Why Is Hemp Protein Better?

The head-to-head comparison between hemp protein and soy protein is given below that will guide its consumers to pick the most suitable one.

  • It is plant-based natural protein. The fiber helps its consumers to digest it and it doesn’t create cramps and bloating.
  • 20 amino acids are found in it including 9 essential amino acids which our body cannot produce so we have to depend on other edible stuff.
  • It is rich in omega 3, 6, and 9.
  • It is grown naturally moreover and it doesn’t need any sort of herbicides and pesticides.
  • Despite being plant-based, it has nothing to do with leaves or other parts of its plant rather only hemp seeds are used after extracting hemp oil.
  • It does not contain lactose, soya, and dairy, artificial coloring which make it allergen-free.

Characteristics of Soya Protein

  • It is known as a powerhouse of plant-based protein, but carbs and fat are also there in it.
  • If you are having the hormone-related issue or going through menopause, consult your doctor before using it.
  • It contains a good amount of both soluble and insoluble fiber.
  • Omega 3 is missing in it.

Both hemp protein and soy protein are the best sources of protein. But hemp protein is 100% natural plant-based protein while soy protein is washed or rinsed into alcohol. Hemp protein is renowned due to nine amino acids that the human body cannot produce. On the whole both proteins offer health benefits including reducing weight, balancing your diet, and it promotes good life to the heart.