Hemp Protein V/S Whey Which You Should Choose?

Hemp Protein V/S Whey

Nowadays, the people are health conscious and looking for protein which can help them reduce their weight and make their muscles strong. Probably, there are many alternatives which can be in the series of protein intake for instance hemp, whey, legume, vegetables, beans, and many more. But hemp protein and whey protein is the most common protein among consumers. They seem to be replacement of meal without adding more calories.

Hemp protein is plant-based natural protein which is abstracted from the industrial hemp seeds via compressed method. With this method, the hemp oil is removed out of seed and cake is left as a residue which is processed to make hemp protein. The nutritional profile of hemp protein boasts of 20 amino acids including 9 amino acids which cannot be developed by our body, so this can be an ideal option for the consumers.

Whey protein is based on dairy product that contains two kinds of protein – casein and whey. Whey protein can be formed out of milk during the cheese production. After separating the cheese, the residue is recognized as whey protein. It comes in a liquid portion of milk like a by-product. Earlier, cheese makers used to throw whey as a waste but nowadays, it is recognized as a nutritional product globally. In order to have good taste in whey, flavors can be added to it. Most of the consumers like to consume whey and it has been the best option for the people who want to control their diet.

Hemp Protein V/S Whey Protein

Both hemp protein powder and whey protein are having health benefiting chemical properties that can make the consumers muscular and slim and can reduce their appetite as well. Of late, both these proteins are preferred by its consumers. Pure Hemp Protein Powder is recognized as a powerhouse that is constituted with many sorts of minerals or protein can boost your immune system and promote good health. Here is a list of reasons why hemp protein is preferred:

  • It is plant based natural home of protein.
  • It does not need to grow any kind of pesticide or herbicides.
  • A good amount of Omega 3, 6 and 9 is found in it.
  • It is rich in 20 amino acids including 9 amino acids which cannot be produced by our body and the consumers have to depend on animals, plants and dairy based products to gain these amino acids. If someone want to get plant based protein, hemp protein is one the most suitable options for the consumers.
  • It is easy to digest due to its fiber content.
  • Plant-based protein is environment-friendly.
  • The additives are not added in the process of making hemp protein powder.

Whey protein is made after removing cheese. It is an ideal option for consumers who want to have dairy-based protein. There are numerous reasons to have whey protein and some of them given below:

  • Whey protein is a by-product of cheese-making.
  • It is regarded as a complete protein because it boasts all 9 essential amino acids while it contains the low level of lactose.
  • If you consume it at high doses, it may create stomach pains, headache, nausea, cramps, fatigue and a few more.
  • If you use whey protein at high doses, it can also develop acne on your cheeks.
  • It generates the sense of fullness it means you can reduce your appetite.

Hemp protein and whey protein can provide a lot of health benefits to our body. But in some cases, hemp protein is more convenient than whey protein. While, whey protein is not good for those who are allergic to dairy products on the other hand hemp protein is leading over it due to its extremely rich nutritional profile.