A Brief History of Hemp and Its Use for Wellness

Hemp Seedling

For thousands of years, Hemp was cultivated and used by our ancestors. According to history, every culture in the world had its use of Hemp to meet their various needs. For example, in Japan’s archeological sites near Oki Island, there’s evidence of hemp cultivation about 12000 years ago in the Bronze Age.

Also, the Chinese emperor Shen Hung in 2737BC recorded the first medicinal use of Hemp. In his records, he writes about hemp effectiveness in treating his rheumatism and gout. Egyptians also have records of the medicinal benefits of Hemp back to 2000BC. Most Asian countries including India have a history with the hemp plant where people would grind hemp roots for medicine and eat the flower for pleasure.


In the US, the hemp plant dates back to the year 1606, where Hemp was a staple crop. Americans used it for paper, lamp fuel and ropes. Even Abraham Lincoln, in 1840 used Hemp Seed Oil to fuel his household lamps. In 1700 it was illegal not to have a hemp plant on your farm. People continued enjoying the benefits of Hemp until 1937, when the marihuana tax act was passed, banning its production in the whole of the United States. In recent years the ban on Hemp has been lifted in some states allowing people to grow and even use the plant. Companies have come up with ways of ensuring that people get the medicinal benefits of the plant through oils, edibles and vapes.

Hemp Food


As stated above, the hemp plant was used as medicine in ancient times across the globe. Also, in old America, it was used to make products like paper, ropes and lamp fuel. Here are some other things that ancient man used the hemp plant for:

1. Fiber
The hemp plant was used by our ancestors to make ropes which were used to carry language, Hunt animals for food and creating structures. It has been replaced by Jute in recent times but still people are using it in the Himalayan region.

2. Clothes
You must be surprised at this but our forefathers indeed used the hemp plant to produce Clothes for people. It was the primary source of clothing until the rise of cotton and gin took over. But in recent times, clothes made from Hemp are gaining popularity among urban people.

3. Food
Before using it for medicinal purposes, Hemp was food. Its seeds were eaten because they were rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, a high amount of proteins, and various minerals and vitamins. Also, the high percentage of fiber in the Hemp Seeds aided indigestion. In China, it is still consumed in vast amounts as raw, roasted, or a fine powder. In India, people are also starting to eat the Hemp Seeds for nutrients.


Different people use the Hemp Products for various reasons but as you can see it is a crop that has been in existence for a very long time. And at one point, it was the most important crop to have on your land. Slowly but surely, it is gaining popularity again. And it’s only a matter of time but for sure India and the whole world will be able to enjoy the benefits of Hemp.